Marywood University’s Art Department goes back in time for “Art Through the Ages” exhibit


Photo credit/ Kyle Clouse

Students look at the work on display at the “Genesis: Art Through The Ages” exhibit.

Ali Sidiki, Staff Writer

The Art Department of Marywood University took guests on a journey of “Art Through The Ages” at the Insalaco Center for Studio Arts on Wednesday, March 16.

The “Genesis: Art Through The Ages” exhibit was organized by five students – Emmanuel Adjei, Eric Bussart, Jamie Bamberger, Zach Johnson and Jake Santos, and was attended by students, faculty and the public.

The exhibit, which is running until April 2, showcases the individual artwork of the students who organized the event, along with the main attraction of the event, a seven by 15 feet mural.

“The bottom of the mural has hints of ancient Christian, Japanese and Surrealist art. As we move up, it gets more contemporary and modern. It reflects our individuality and our style of work,” said senior graphic design major, Eric Bussart.

The organizers expressed their excitement and were overwhelmed with the huge turnout.

“I am so thrilled to see so many people here! I just hope they recognize that students work so hard and they stride on their own to do something influential,” said sophomore art therapy major, Jamie Bamberger.

Sophomore graphic design major, Zach Johnson stressed that Marywood University students have a lot of potential that at times, goes unnoticed.

“We’re expecting a great turnout tonight so a lot of people can come and see the potential that Marywood University students have,” he said. “I want other students to come and be inspired by our work and utilize this art space more,” he added.

A lot of students attended the event to support their friends and encourage them.

“I’m here to show support to my friends; these amazing aspiring artists,” said first-year interior architecture grad student, Jude Saforo. “I hope they are all proud of themselves,” he added.

Similarly, senior physician’s assistant major, Logan Fitz said that he was “impressed” by the show his friends put up.

“This is my first time attending an art exhibit and I think it’s very well done,” he said.

Director of Diversity, Dr. Lia Richards said that she was delighted to see an event that was completely “student-driven.”

“Emmanuel came to me with the idea and his vision and drive were so inspiring. These students are so involved in their work it’s amazing,” she said. “This is a group of fantastic young people,” she added.

The night ended with the artists taking group pictures with their parents and before leaving, all the guests were encouraged to leave their comments on the guest book at the entrance.

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