Pinning with Margaret: String art decor


Photo credit/ Margaret Scott

Margaret Scott, Asst. A&E Editor

As fall quickly approaches, keep the sunshine and spirit of the season preserved in your decor with this fun string art!
This DIY project is inspired by Dear Paradise.
Here is what you will need:
· Wooden canvas
· Paper and writing utensil
· Pins/nails
· String
· Fake flowers
· Hammer
· Paint (optional)
Directions: The first step to creating this project is to plan or map out how you want the string to look. The nails that are added in the next step will hold the string together. The placement of the nails and where you tie the string will create the shape of a jar.
Next, draw an outline of a jar on a piece of paper and place it on the wood canvas. If you want to paint the canvas, do this before you put your nails in place. Use a hammer or heavy object to force the nails securely into the wood over the piece of paper with the outline. Once this step is done, tear away the paper around the nails.
After that, secure the string. Start the strand anywhere on your canvas by tying a double knot on any one of the nails.
Once this step is done, wrap the string around the nails on the canvas. You could do straight lines or diagonal. There is no correct or incorrect way to do this step.
Tip: Switch around the colors of the string! It doesn’t have to be all one color and you can vary between thick and thin strands.
The last step is to add the flowers. Stick them through the gap in the strings toward the top of your string “jar” on the canvas. If your “jar” has less string in the middle, hot glue them to the wood to make sure the flowers don’t fall through the strings.

Now you have a small reminder of summer as the fall season quickly approaches. It’s a perfect addition to any apartment or dorm.
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