Popcorn Picks Review: “Going in Style”


Photo credit/ Elizabeth Carlson

Credit: Warner Bros Studios

Bethany Wade, Asst. Photography Editor

Comedies focusing on older actors being old is not a new concept. “Going in Style,” the latest comedy to follow this concept, stars Alan Arkin, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman as three best friends who plan a bank robbery to take revenge on the bank that caused them trouble.

That’s the entire plot. This movie gives you exactly what you expect.

Those familiar with the 1979 original might be surprised to hear the endings for the characters leave a sweeter taste in the mouth. The main characters’ crime has more meaning behind it, but it doesn’t make the stakes any higher than they were in the original film.

Theodore Melif is coming hot off of writing and directing the Oscar-nominated “Hidden Figures.” His script for “Going in Style” washes away his success from that film. The story tries too hard to justify the actions of the characters, when the concept of three old guys trying to rob a bank is a good enough premise itself.

Most of the comedy in this film focuses on the age of the main characters. A few good laughs come out of the first 30 minutes. The jokes get old after this, as the audience gets used to the main characters being the butt of every joke, specifically Arkin’s Albert.

Melfi’s script is weak, but the three leads still give excellent performances. All three work together like the well oiled team they’re portraying. Each one of them gives a performance filled with charm, snarky remarks and charisma, even if the script is less than stellar.

This film shows that heist movies can be great, whether you use old or young actors. Just get a better script for the next one.

Rating: Two out of five kernels.

Photo credit/ Elizabeth Carlson

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