Review: Sam Smith’s “The Thrill of It All” not quite thrilling, but satisfying


Courtesy: Sam Smith Official Facebook Page

Dylan Wright, A&E Editor

Sam Smith has the potential to be the next big thing. While he has made it into the spotlight already, the singer still has miles to go before obtaining that elusive top position in the music world. “The Thrill of It All” displays the singer at his best, with the smooth production and skillful singing at the forefront of the album.

On his sophomore album, Smith grows into the crooning singer that many saw the potential for him to be. While his lyrics may not be as nuanced as one can hope, the soul of Smith’s singing shines through on most of the tracks. The listener can feel the earnestness and passion that seeps into his vocals.

The track “HIM” is where Smith’s passion really shines through. “HIM” takes the listener on a journey though the mind of a Mississippi boy as he comes to terms with his sexuality. It’s a poignant, powerful tune that is worth the price of admission alone.

The album suffers from not living up to its name. The songs don’t quite reach the level of “thrilling,” but they are enjoyable R&B tunes that sink into a comfortable groove. Tracks like “One Last Song” and “Midnight Train” help show Smith’s range, though at times he relies too heavily on falsetto to carry a note.

This is especially evident on the song “No Peace,” where he sings a duet with artist YEBBA. Smith struggles to hold his own during the parts where they sing together, straining to match the tone and pitch of his counterpart. The track is catchy and a good listen, but suffers from Smith attempting something that isn’t quite within his range.

Smith’s ability to translate classic R&B stylings for a modern audience is unparalleled, but the singer is still in the developmental stages of perfecting his craft. Though the highs on “The Thrill of It All” are really monumental, Smith still has a little bit to go before he becomes the top artist.

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