Binge Breaks: “Nancy Drew” shows the teenage detective’s staying power


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Editor-in-Chief Briana Ryan says that the chemistry between the “Drew Crew” is one of the stand-out features of The CW’s “Nancy Drew.”

Briana Ryan, Editor-in-Chief

Legendary teenage sleuth Nancy Drew has been a significant figure in literature, television, video games and film since the 1930s. Now, The CW’s “Nancy Drew” series proves that the titular character is still as relevant as ever.

The series follows a 19-year-old Drew as she investigates the mysteries plaguing Horseshoe Bay, Maine. While the series does pay homage to some of Drew’s previously solved cases like “The Hidden Staircase,” the bulk of the series includes original stories.

One way that writers of the new series have departed from classic tellings of Drew’s adventures is by emphasizing mysteries regarding the supernatural. Some viewers may look at the supernatural as an overused theme in television; however, I adore the supernatural elements.

The supernatural elements portrayed in the series usually come about from local lore. I have to hand it to the series’ writing team; these local legends are well-thought-out. Every tale from Dead Lucy to the Aglaeca is multidimensional and leaves viewers wanting to learn more.

Unlike other series that attempt to include supernatural elements, this series has created maritime-themed legends. This use of the maritime theme helps to keep the idea of the supernatural appearing fresh to viewers.

Another stand-out feature of this series has been the inclusion of Drew’s friends or the “Drew Crew.” The “Drew Crew” includes George Fan, Ned Nickerson, Bess Marvin and Ace. There is such a strong characterization of Drew’s relationship with her friends that it is hard to ignore. Although they are willing to help Drew solve mysteries, they sometimes are resentful towards her for dragging them into harm.

Drew’s relationship with her family also grabs at viewers. In past adaptations of Drew’s adventures, her relationship with her father, Carson Drew, has been almost picture-perfect. However, this series shows that even for Nancy Drew family can be complicated. As the series progresses, I’m excited to see how she addresses her relationship with her family.

The biggest reason why I have become obsessed with this series is because I have always been obsessed with Nancy Drew. She is a tough investigator that is always on the hunt for another mystery. So, obviously, she is a natural feminist icon for girls to admire.

However, this series is a perfect example of how characters can grow with their audience. In past adaptations of Drew’s adventures, it always seemed like she had an ideal life. As time has passed, it has become clear that we live in a flawed society. In this series, Drew tackles issues like social class differences, family tension and racism. These issues show viewers that even heroes have to deal with average problems.

Although the season two finale is approaching quickly, the series will be back for a third season, proving that Drew’s work at Horseshoe Bay is still not done.

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