“Halloween Kills” itself in its new sequel


“Halloween Kills” slayed the box office on opening weekend, making over $50 million.

David Gordon Green’s “Halloween Kills” is the newest blood-soaked-mess of a movie in the reboot franchise of the 1978 horror classic “Halloween.” This movie leaves me wondering what went wrong after an enjoyable prequel.

“Halloween Kills” hands the scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis a backseat role as the story follows the character of Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) throughout Haddonfield, Illinois.

Without revealing too much of the movie, this sequel goes into what mob mentality can do to those in a small town. It explores the question of how someone can react without fully understanding what’s going on around them.

This film muddles down its main plot by introducing a social issue that could have worked if written better. It feels forced down our throats and doesn’t add any value to the story. Along with poorly written social commentary, the actions of the characters in this movie are totally unrealistic.

The main characters seem to love making the most moronic decisions possible that leave viewers asking “why?” By the end of the film, I was ready for it to be over.

However, one thing I knew I enjoyed was how well the movie looked. It is by far the best looking “Halloween” movie in terms of style and aesthetic and the cinematographer Michael Simmonds hit it out of the park.

The movie also gets brownie points for having a stellar soundtrack that brings fans back to the original trilogy. Fans of the franchise receive plenty of service in the movie’s 106 minute runtime, but sadly this isn’t enough to hold the movie from falling apart.

There are a lot of awesome kills that will have Michael Myers fans cheering, but sadly this movie falls short due to its poorly written characters and script. With a third film on the horizon, we as “Halloween” fans can only hope that they take their time to get this last movie right, as it’s probably going to be Jamie Lee Curtis’ goodbye to the franchise.

Growing up a huge fan of this series, I am a bit disappointed with how this movie turned out. It isn’t the worst in the franchise, which says a lot, but sadly this movie only received 4.5 kernels out of 10 for me.

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