Hit Start: “Elden Ring” raises the bar in the “Fromsoft” Library


Photo credit/ Jen Flynn

“Elden Ring” is available to play on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

“Elden Ring” is the newest game by renowned video game studio, “From Software.” The studio is known for their award winning series “Dark Souls.” Since “Dark Souls” debuted, “From Software” has released a plethora of great games.

“From Software”’s next game to be released is “Elden Ring.” While the reveal of “Elden Ring” has brought an overwhelming amount of positive attention, there are some people who think the game is just a more in depth version of “Dark Souls” because the game is an open world style game. However, “Elden Ring” not only takes the “Dark Souls” formula, but expands upon it to a level we haven’t seen before.

The first major difference in “Elden Ring” is the open world. “From Software”’s games are not typically open world games since they mostly take place in linear dungeons with some elements of exploration. “Elden Ring”’s world is massive in size and rich with content including hidden boss battles, dungeons, and massive castles. The world of “Elden Ring” is the biggest world “From Software” has created to date.

Another major difference in “Elden Ring” is the presence of a mount. A mount is a mounted animal that the player can ride on. In all previous “From Software” games, the player traveled on foot. “Elden Ring” has a mount named Torrent.

Having a mount opens the game to the whole new world of mounted combat. For example, you can joust with an enemy or fire a sleep arrow at them and knock them off their horse. This new system opens a world of possibilities for players to experiment with.

One final major feature that “Elden Ring” adds is the concept of spirit summons. Essentially, players can summon spirits of enemies and bosses they have killed to aid them in battle. Spirit summons can be purchased from vendors across the world or find them in dungeons. This new system adds an extra level of thought to “Elden Ring” that hasn’t been seen before.

For example, if a player is facing a tough group of enemies and they need to run away to heal, they can activate a spirit summon to distract any enemies.

Despite adding new features to the “Souls” formula, “Elden Ring” also takes everything “From Software” knows and mashes it all together to create a cohesive system that will be familiar to “Souls” veterans and still be new for total beginners. . For example, “Elden Ring” takes the stealth mechanic from Sekiro, as well as the jump mechanic. While a jump mechanic may seem like something to not get excited for, in the case for “Elden Ring”. Jumping was never a feature in any of the “Souls” games before, but this addition adds a new method of exploration and verticality to the movement system.

“Elden Ring”’s combat system combines all of the combat systems from previous “Souls” games and throws in its own unique spin on the already in-depth system. A combat system is a system of mechanics that allows the players to make attacks and combos.One notable addition is posture. Posture made its debut in Sekiro, and it was a meter players could fill by attacking an enemy enough times to break their posture and perform a critical hit, dealing tons of damage. Posture returns in “Elden Ring ” with the similar rule.

Another addition is power stancing. Power stancing made its debut in “Dark Souls 2” and essentially is when players are duel wielding similar weapons, as they can perform a unique combo attack. With this addition we can see amazing combos in the weapons used.

“Elden Ring” brings so much to the table in terms of uniqueness and additions to the “Souls” -like formula. “Elden Ring” not only improves on the already perfect formula, but adds a layer of depth we have yet to have seen. “Elden Ring” is not just a bigger version of “Dark Souls”; it is everything “From Software” has done and more. “Elden Ring” comes out on current and last gen consoles as well as PC on February 25. From what I have seen of “Elden Ring”, the uniqueness shines through. I rate the reveal of “Elden Ring” a solid 10/10.

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