Popcorn Picks: Is the new movie “Beast” worth the upROAR?


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“Beast” grossed over $11 million in its domestic opening.

Have you ever wondered if wild animals have feelings of rage just like humans sometimes do? The new movie “Beast” asks viewers to consider how lions can feel when members of their pride are killed.

“Beast” is about a father who travels to Africa with his two daughters to show them where he and their mother grew up. He wants them to experience the beauty of their home country and feel closer to their mother, who has recently passed away. While on the trip, the family goes on a safari with their father’s close friend. While the safari starts off well, they soon find themselves struggling to survive in the wild.

The film opens with a group of poachers killing a pride of lions. The lion then takes matters into its own hands and kills everything living that crosses its path.

It seems a main goal of the movie is to make a statement about the negative effects of poaching on animals as well as the environment. But the film lacks clear identification of this topic. As I watched, I felt as if I had to try and piece everything together.

On top of that, the CGI used to create the lions was also absolutely terrible. When the good lion was being playful with the person that raised it, it was very clear that the lion was fake. The scene did not pull in the excitement that good CGI would provide. It is 2022; they could have done so much better.

The main scene takes place when the family is run off the road by the ravenous lion. He is on a mission to kill every living thing within the car while it is dangling over a cliff. This scene took up the whole movie and lacked any real excitement.

Overall, “Beast” had a good storyline, but it was missing some engaging material. The action scenes were way too long and the main idea was too hard to figure out until the end. The CGI was exceptionally terrible.

For anyone who is a movie lover like myself, you might find this movie is definitely not worth a second watch.

Rating: 6 out of 10 kernels.

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