Student Spotlight: Julia Meeker

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Amanda Duncklee, Community Editor

Name: Julia Meeker

Major: Art Therapy with Business minor

Year: 2016

Hometown: Harleysville, PA

Julia Meeker is a senior art therapy major and business minor. She is the President of service sorority Alpha Sigma Psi and is the General Chair for Kidstuff 2016.

Q. What does your sorority Alpha Sigma Psi promote?

A. Alpha Sigma Psi is a service sorority. Our philanthropy is children’s advocacy, and we work with the Ronald McDonald House and St. Jude’s Research Hospital for Children. We also put together Thanksgiving baskets during the Thanksgiving Drive run by Campus Ministry. These baskets go to less fortunate families during the Thanksgiving time.

Q. How did you get so involved in your sorority, Alpha Sigma Psi?

A. Two years ago, I rushed to be a part of the sorority. Thankfully, I was accepted. The president from last year asked me if I wanted to take on the role, and I said that I would love to. The sorority had an election, and I won. My roles are to run and oversee all meetings along with Vice President [sophomore advertising/public relations and political science major] Alex Goebelbecker.  We oversee committees within the sorority and plan recruitment.

Q. Can you describe the recruitment process for Alpha Sigma Psi?

A. We just had our recruitment process and 21 new girls are in the sorority. These new girls are called “Cubs” and they went through initiations and rituals as well as go on outings with the rest of the girls in the sorority. After this, the Cubs go through the Big Process where they are paired with their Bigs. They spend time with other girls in the sorority and match up with someone who has similar interests and a similar personality.

Q. What is Kidstuff?

A. Kidstuff is an annual mini carnival that has taken place for roughly 20 years. Children from Friends of the Poor and the United Neighborhood Centers come to Marywood for a few hours one day and take part in the festivities. This is the event that I am most passionate about; I like to give back to the local children. There are different events and groups such as sports teams and sororities participate in the event.

Q. How does this event come to be?

A. Kidstuff takes more than a year to plan. We have over 100 student volunteers for the event. The easiest way to participate is to sign up to be a buddy, which is someone who pairs up with a child and spends the day with them by going to different activities and making sure they are having a good time.

Q. What are some other ways to get involved in Kidstuff?

A. For a more active leadership role, students can apply to be on the committee. Applications will be available toward the end of October and students can fill these out and bring them to Campus Ministry. This year, there is an interview process for potential committee members. We want to be more selective and get a better feel for applicants so we know where to designate them. I believe we’ll take all applicants, but that also depends on the interest level shown among applicants.

Q. What are you also involved in and why should students get more involved?

A. I am also a member of the Catholic Relief Services, Volunteers in Action, and I work in admissions. Getting involved is a really big part of campus; it opens up a lot of opportunities. Be involved in as much as you can and as much as time allows you to be.

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