A Change in Someone's College Experience

By Ashley Gerolstein
Staff Writer

Remember being back in high school and looking at what colleges and universities you wanted to attend the following year? Remember the smile that came to your face when you received your confirmation letter of acceptance in to Marywood? Remember seeing the scholarship that you were awarded by Marywood? Now it’s your time to return the favor, Class of 2008.

The Senior Class Gift, in simplest terms, is a gift from the graduating class that goes back to Marywood as a thank you for the great experiences at the university, for the learning opportunities. It is a thank you to the Marywood community for opening their arms and allowing students to become part of this close knit family. The senior class gift from the Class of 2008 will be a scholarship awarded to an incoming freshman student for fall semester in 2008.

As senior class gift captains, Matt Esseff and I are asking you, the class of 2008, for your help. We all need to band together to realize an incoming freshman’s dream of a future Marywood family member.  If every person in the senior class gives $20.08, then we will have a sufficient scholarship to help an incoming freshman.

What do you get if you pledge at least $20.08? You get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped a new Marywood family member. In addition, you will receive a book that explains life after college. This comical text guides you through job dinner meetings, renting, taxes and investments, insurance information, and more.

If you pledge at least $20.08 and get three other senior class family members to pledge, you will receive a shirt listing the top twenty reasons you know you are a Marywood 2008 senior. Some of the reasons include that you remember seeing Father Jim running with the XC team, Loughran Hall and the Mellow Center were just figments of your imagination, you remember the Main Dining Room going from dungeon to the palace, and so on.  Obviously, the first reason you know you are a Marywood 2008 senior is because you contributed to the senior class gift!

Where can you pledge your $20.08?  First, you can see either of us to receive a pledge form, or you can go down to Alumni Relations Office in LAC 68.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]