Two New (Interim) Deans at Marywood

By Nick DeMarco
Graduate Staff Writer

Marywood University recently announced the appointment of two longtime professors as interim college deans. Dr. Alan Levine was appointed Dean of the College of Health and Human Services, and Dr. Michael Foley the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Levine is a graduate of New York University in Nutrition and Dietetics, where an assistant at the college told him about an opening at Marywood in 1978. He completed his doctorate at NYU while working as a professor at Marywood.

Dr. Levine’s duties on campus include attending various meetings, interacting with students, and academic planning. He loves the challenge of problem solving and the opportunity of moving Marywood forward. In college, where he excelled in psychology, nutrition, and mathematics, he received advice from a professor “to realize that every course counts [and to] treat each course with commitment as best as you can.” Dr. Levine urges students to remember that, “what you do now has great impact on your future. What you do now opens doors later. Those doors that seem unimportant now, will be [important] later.”

Like Dr. Levine, Dr. Michael Foley has a long history at Marywood. He is a graduate of Eastern Illinois, where he earned a double major in German and philosophy. He attended Southern Illinois for his Master’s Degree and Ph.D.

Currently, Dr. Foley manages the goals and objectives of the departments he oversees, from Liberal Arts to Philosophy and Science. He enjoys the opportunities to work with various groups on campus from student affairs, admissions, the registrar, tutoring, and other special needs on campus.

“Make laughter a part of everyday activities,” Dr. Foley encouraged students. “Learn to recognize and avoid tiny-minded tyrants.”

Dr. Ron Bulbulian, founding dean of the College of Health and Human Services, left Marywood in May after accepting a position in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Bulbulian serves as the Vice Provost of Academic Programs and the acting dean of the College of Science and General Studies at Alfaisal University.

The former dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences was Dr. Kurt Torrell. He left Marywood in July for a position as the director of Academic Affairs at the Penn State-Greater Allegheny Campus.