Marywood Bookstore Goes Green

The new Marywood Bookstore green bags are available to students for $1.00 each. Photo Credit: Arielle Kovalich

By Arielle Kovalich
Staff Writer

Everyone has probably heard the new buzz about “Going Green” all over campus as well as local communities and even worldwide. Fortunately, Marywood is continuing to contribute to saving the environment by adding many “green” elements to campus including buildings, materials, and now even honoring privileges to students who own a fuel-efficient vehicle. This year, Marywood’s bookstore is also taking steps towards contributing to the “green movement.” As of this fall semester, the bookstore will no longer be using their usual plastic bags in the store for customers. Instead, new reusable bags will be sold for 1 dollar to any student interested. Along with the bag, each student receives a punch card, which after ten purchases at the bookstore while using the bag, the student is eligible for a free t-shirt. These bags are large and can be used during many other occasions, such as taking your books to class or even using them the grocery store. The bags this year are white with “Go Green” printed on the side. Many stores are also issuing these reusable bags to cut down on plastic bag usage throughout the country. A frightening 380 trillion plastic bags are used by consumers a year, and a shocking 100 trillion bags are thrown away while only about 1% of them are actually recycled. It is good to know that Marywood is no longer contributing to this growing pollution problem and is taking the right steps towards helping the environment.