Depression Screening Gives Students Hope

By Alison Trautmann
Assistant Editor-in-Chief

On October 8, the Psychological Services Center of Marywood University
participated in Depression Screening Day.  This event featured free,
confidential, anonymous mental health screenings as well as screenings
for attentional difficulties.

The event was open to students and staff of Marywood University as
well as the public.  Participants filled out a brief anonymous
questionnaire concerning their mental health.  After completion of the
questionnaire, it was reviewed by a staff member by tallying up
“points” awarded to each answer.  If a survey fell within a specific
points range, the staff member would go back and look for where the
individual problems lie.  After the questionnaire was reviewed by a
staff member, they would then meet one-on-one with the student in
order to discuss problem areas, concerns and recommend help if needed.
Attention screening was also offered in addition to Depression
screening.  Any and all types of attentional problems were looked for,
not just ADHD.

Alison Paules, the Psychological Services Center Graduate Assistant,
said that the event is very effective because students know that other
people will be coming in to have their mental health tested and they
have nothing to lose by coming in and filling out a questionnaire.
Paules also said that anyone and everyone should come to the event.
If you are curious about your mental health or overall well-being,
this is a great event to attend.

Paules also said that this is a great event for Psychology majors
because it helps them see what kind of work they will most likely be
doing in graduate school.

“We are often willing to schedule doctor and dental appointments yet
we neglect our mental health. There is nothing to lose by getting
screened…it is free, quick, and can serve as the first step toward
improving your overall well-being…Being a student can be extremely
stressful and I believe it’s comforting to know that help is closer
than we may think” said Paules.

An Anxiety Screening Day is planned for February during the spring semester.