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Another Exciting Year for SGA

Nicholas Pesarcik
SGA Public Affairs Officer

With nearly one month of school down, things are well underway all across the University. With that, Marywood’s Undergraduate Student Government Association has been working hard to accomplish the goals it has set forth.

For this year, SGA is sporting a new format that allows students to pick what goals they want to work on by choosing a committee that interests them. This fresh format has proven successful so far as each of the four committees has been making great strides to accomplish their respective goals.

The IT committee is currently looking to improve the WiFi signal and its various access points around campus. Another one of the committee’s goals has been to upgrade the printer system including the placement of printers and the technology used to pay for prints. At the same time, they are continuing work started on the universal card system.

Meanwhile, the Dining Service committee is concentrating on three main goals for the year. Work continues on meal plan equivalence options and specials at campus eateries as well as developing more meal plan choices that can be offered to all students. Besides working on meal plans and food specials, they are also striving for healthier food options at late night for all students lookng to keep off that winter layer.

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The Academic Affairs committee is currently directing their focus on the universal grading policy and improvements to University syllabi. As always, the committee is looking at various ways to improve teacher-student contact including email procedures and office hour availability.

The final committee is busy advancing Student Life components of the University, including more seating at the outdoor play- ing fields, the creation of an activities period, and improvements
to campus parking.

All in all, the Undergraduate Student Government Association is working hard to improve all aspects of campus life and is always looking for new members willing to get involved and voice their  opinion. Meetings are held every other Tuesday in Media 160 at 9:00pm. The meeting schedule can be found in the student planner or on our website through the student activity’s page. Remember to add us on Facebook and if you have any questions email us at [email protected].

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