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Nicholas Pesarcik

Public Affairs Officer ‘13

The Undergraduate Student Government Association continues working hard through the halfway point of the semester and has made good progress towards accomplishing their goals set forth at the beginning of the year.

Each committee is constantly improving aspects revolving around areas such as dining services, academic affairs, student life issues, and information technology. The organization is always looking for new students with great ideas to get involved. SGA provides a forum for students to express their concerns and then, with the help of other students and University resources, work to resolve those issues in a positive manner.

Being a member of SGA is also a great bonding experience for students. Meetings are held every other Tuesday in Media 160 at 9 pm. Here, students can take a break from studying, blow off some steam, and relax with friends. The meetings are usually less than one hour, which is the perfect amount of time for a procrastination break.

There are four main segments to a meeting. First, the assembly discusses progress made on goals then each of the four committees meet to talk about their own accomplishments from the previous week, inform new members of the goals and progress made, and work on deciding how to move forward in the accomplishment of their specific goals. Next, each committee reports to the General Assembly of their progress so each member is informed as to what SGA is doing. Finally, Open Floor ends the meeting. Open Floor gives any student the chance to voice their concern, make a statement, or propose a solution. From this, SGA can get the students’ feedback on issues that are concerning them and propose ways to solve these issues.

It is important to remember that SGA is here for the students. Throughout the history of the organization, many changes have been made to University Policy and student life issues. If you ever have a concern regarding your Marywood experience, come to SGA and voice your opinion. As always, check for updates on the SALD website, on Facebook, or send us an email at [email protected]

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