Campus safety gets new name, new look: Services to the community to remain the same

Sarah E. Cruz

Staff Writer

One of Marywood University’s most vital departments is introducing some new changes this semester. Made effective January 1, 2011, the department formerly known as “Campus Security” has been renamed “Campus Safety.”

Many universities now have departments of Campus Safety as opposed to Campus Security or Public Safety said Mike Finegan, director of campus safety. “The term Campus Safety is a little bit more mainstream,” he noted. This change can already be seen in the department’s new email address and on the University website and will soon be followed by all signs on campus.

The process of updating the name began in late December at the suggestion of David R. Elliot, senior director of safety and environmental compliance. It was endorsed by the Vice-President for Business Affairs and Treasurer,  Joseph X. Garvey and was approved by Sr. Anne Munley, president of the University.

Pete Shivock and Jeff D’ Angelo model their new uniforms. Photo Credit Morgan Strasser

Along with the change in title comes new attire for the safety officers. The old gray and black uniforms have been replaced with navy blue shirts and cargo pants. The shirts include the officer’s name on the right side and a badge-like patch on the left side. Each shoulder is also adorned with the Campus Safety logo. Elliot, who spearheaded the change, said it was made to give the officers “more of a professional appearance.”

Finegan, who has served Marywood for nine years in the department, including two years as director, maintained that the name and uniforms are the only modifications being made. All previous policies and procedures will remain intact. “We are going to do the same job. Our goal, our mission will remain the same,” he added.

Finegan also stated that these changes have no connection to the recent apartment break-ins of University of Scranton students or the vandalisms that occurred on Marywood’s campus recently. The process was well underway before these incidents took place, he said.

“Service to the community will remain the same,” Finnegan assured