Rumors swell around Chartwell’s citation

Kelly Rickert
Assistant News Editor

Chartwells Dining Service was recently cited for “an unsanitary condition” in a report issued by a security officer, who will remain anonymous.

According to Chartwells Resident District Manager, Thomas Notchick, the issue was with a dumpster outside Nazareth Hall that had insects on and near it. He emphasized that there was not an issue anywhere in or near the kitchen or dining areas.

Recent rumors have been raging about Chartwells facilities on campus regarding this violation. Speculation ranged from a failed health inspection in the main dining room to an employee being fired over a citation.

However, Notchick dispelled these rumors, stating that there have been no issues in regards to the health and safety of the kitchen and dining areas and no one has been fired.

David Elliott, senior director for Campus Safety, who is in charge of campus inspections, stated that the area where the dumpsters are stored is secluded from the campus community. A security officer had walked through the area and had noticed the insects, leading to the citation.

Notchick assured that the dumpsters are emptied daily and are hosed down frequently to keep them as sanitary as possible.

The dumpsters were recently relocated to an area near the side door to Nazareth Hall, accessible only
to employees. They were moved to the new location to keep them away from the recently expanded loading docks, which now have dock levelers to make deliveries easier and more efficient, while also allowing room for three delivery trucks at a time.

Notchick and Elliott both assured that soon the dumpster area will have barriers—of either walls or landscaping—to separate them even more from the campus community.

Notchick reinforced that the food preparation and dining areas are all up to health and safety standards and have not had any issues of late. In fact, Notchik added that Chartwells goes above and beyond what is required for health and safety standards.

Chartwells at Marywood is required to have only one staff member certification, which is valid for five years, from ServSafe through the National Restaurant Association. According to state regulations Notchick stated, “We are required to have one certification…but with our company policy every manager and supervisor gets certified.” Notchick, along with nine managers and more than twelve supervisors all have the certification, and they are all re-certified every three years.