New jobs database provides world of job opportunity

Kelly Rickert, Assistant News Editor

Going Global, an online database that provides more than 16 million job and internship listings worldwide, is now available free to Marywood students, faculty and administration through the Career Services office.

According to Dr. Carole Gustitus, director of Career Services, the site allows for national and international job searches and provides valuable information for anyone looking to travel, study or work abroad.

“One of the things I like about it is it includes visa per- mit regulations and cultural advice. […] I think the cultural advice is really critical,” said Gustitus. The advice offered on Going Global includes communication styles, tips for “behaving like a local,” office protocol, business management and negotiation, and more for each country listed.

The Going Global website offers country-specific employment resources for people seeking jobs or internships. These resources are researched by in-country experts and updated yearly. The resources offered include job search resources, work permit/visa regulations, country-specific resume guidelines and examples, interview and cultural advice, employment outlook and industry trends, and professional and social networking groups.

Marywood’s students have had access to this tool for nearly a year, but recently, faculty and administration have been granted access to this resource as well.

Besides opportunities abroad, the database also includes 44 USA city guides and six Canadian city guides for job opportunities. Also included are more than 450,000 corporate profiles, which are updated quarterly. This allows students to access employment and internship listings by cities within the U.S. and Canada, as well as opportunities in other countries.

Although she has not yet utilized the database, sophomore psychology student, Mary Melissa Greene said that she thinks Going Global is a good resource for students.

“It sounds to me like it [Going Global] opens up lots of opportunities for students to work in other parts of the country and world,” she said.

Students can access the Going Global resource for free through the Student Information System on the Marywood website and the Career Services link Faculty and administration can access it through the MaryU website using their ID numbers. Once online, students or faculty can create personal accounts on the Going Global site to help personalize their search and to network with social and professional groups.