New peace and justice minor complements mission and core values

Elysabethe Brown, News Editor

Students will have one more option to choose from when selecting a minor next fall.

Peace and justice is a new minor coming to Marywood in the fall of 2012. Although the minor comes from the religious studies area, Sister Mary Ann Zimmer, assistant professor of religious studies, said that it is a minor that could be helpful in many areas of study, not just areas focused on religion.

“It’s designed so many of the core requisites fit in,” she said, adding that this minor would be an excellent companion to those majoring in, but not limited to, business, foreign language, or philosophy.

“We want it to be open. [This minor is] pretty broad,” she said.

Those wishing to minor in peace and justice would be required to take three courses in religious studies, and another three courses from a list of approved courses in business, English, foreign language, philosophy, social sciences, and social work.

Zimmer said that because the minor course requirements include so many of the core classes that are a requirement of every major, students may need to take as little as two additional requirements to complete the minor.

Jennifer Shebby, junior religious studies and Spanish major, said she hopes that this minor will enhance her understanding of her field when getting a job after graduation.

“I want to go out into Central and South American countries, so I hope to gain an understanding of what they are trying to do there. [This minor] will show me ideas of how they see equality and how they are standing up for their rights,” said Shebby.

Zimmer explained that students who have completed this minor at other schools have gone on to various jobs, including volunteer work, law, business, work in shelters or even starting non-profit organizations.

“Even if a person got a degree in business and went into a straightforward business situation, they would be alert to the ethical issues around them and the way they could direct their ordinary lives,” said Zimmer.

Yeslene Rivera, freshman history and political science major, said that this minor will give her a broader insight of what her duty is in this world.

“I have always felt the need to pursue a career that involves working to make the world better, even if only a drop,” said Rivera.

“After graduation I hope to work for The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, The United Nations, Red Cross and or any other agency of the sort. Who knows? Maybe I can develop such an agency on my own for us all.”

Zimmer also stated that this minor is a perfect fit with Marywood’s core mission and values and that “it could be personally transforming, career-oriented, or it could be both.”

Anyone interested in the peace and justice minor, please contact Sr. Mary Ann Zimmer at (570)348-6211 ex. 2973, or by email at [email protected]