String of burglaries on campus

Autumn Gramigna, Managing Editor

There have been a rash of burglaries on campus since the start of the spring semester. According to the Campus Safety crime log, four burglaries have been documented since Jan. 4

Mike Finegan, chief of Campus Safety, said that at present, there are no leads as to the suspect(s).

One of the offices burglarized was the English department. Dr. Laurie McMillan, associate professor and chair of the English department, said she was the last person in the department before break-ins took place Monday, Jan. 21.

“Campus Safety did come by and investigated [the break-in],” said McMillan. “We didn’t notice anything missing except for some keys. Later in the day on Tuesday, those keys were discovered outside of the men’s room in the LAC.”

Items stolen from the department included a digital camera, keys to classrooms in the hallway across from the department, and a computer from room 211 in the LAC.

Last week, Finegan sent a campus-wide e-mail to students, faculty, and staff, urging them not to leave any personal items unattended.

Finegan also said that officers are making extra rounds in buildings, especially in areas that are not as heavily populated. They have also been instructed to investigate any suspicious behavior on campus.

Because one of the thefts involved a pair of master keys being stolen, Finegan and Wendy Yankelitis, assistant vice president for building and grounds, are in the process of working with the physical plant to re-key doors in the buildings.

Other areas on campus burglarized include the combined offices of Diversity, International Affairs, and Career Services. The offices of John Porter, director of operations, and Dr. Lindsey Wotanis, assistant professor of communication arts, were also burglarized.

Finegan urged students, faculty, and staff to notify Campus Safety immediately if they spot any unusual behavior happening on campus.