Vandals continue to damange campus property


Brigid Edmunds, Assistant News Editor

Vandals continue to damage property on Marywood’s campus.

A string of vandalism incidents began last fall when several statues were damaged. This semester, several locations, including residence halls and the mail room in Nazareth Hall, have incurred damage as a result of vandalism.

Director of Housing and Residence Life Ross Novak, said the halls most affected are Regina, Immaculata, and Loughran. According to Novak, vandals have made holes in walls, damaged elevators, torn down banners, and disturbed bulletin boards.

“Maybe the community doesn’t have a full picture of what is happening, and if they did, maybe they would speak out if they see people doing things they shouldn’t be doing,” Novak explained.

In addition to the damage in residence halls, a wall in the mail room has been kicked in repeatedly.

This rise in vandalism prompted Vice President for Business Affairs and Treasurer Joseph Garvey to visit the Student Government Association on Tuesday, April 9, to announce the placement of surveillance cameras around campus.

“It has come to the point where if someone is caught, they will be prosecuted,” Garvey said at the meeting.

Students are urged to contact campus safety if they see someone vandalizing property on campus.

“This issue seems like an anomaly to me,” Novak said. “It doesn’t seem like it’s in line with the mission and goals, which makes it even stranger to me that it’s happening.”