New jazz minor officially approved

New jazz minor officially approved

Mackenzie Warren, Web Editor

The Board of Trustees gave their approval for a new jazz minor in the music, theater, and dance department.

According to David Jumper, assistant professor of the music, theater, and dance department, received the news a few days after the approval. They originally submitted the proposal for the minor in April. According to Jumper, there’s already interest in the new program.

Jumper also said that the process to get the minor in front of the board was a time-consuming process. The department first had to write the proposal, which could take several months of planning. Then, they had to create the curriculum. After that, music, theater, and dance faculty reviewed the curriculum to ensure they had instructors who could teach the classes. After those phases were complete, they were able to submit their proposal to the first committee in the approval-granting chain.

According to Dr. Alan Levine, vice president for academic affairs, that process begins with a larger review by faculty.

“When a department wants to start a minor, what they do is pull together a proposal, and then present that proposal to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and the Board of Trustees, who then take the information and vote. They also get a dean’s signature. If they pass the minor, it then goes to me. I then have the right to approve,” said Levine.