Human Physiology Lab holds Open House


Photo credit/ Katlynn Whitaker

Prospective students got a taste for what goes on in a Human Physiology Lab at the Open House.

Katlynn Whitaker, Photography/Asst. Design Editor

On Nov. 20, staff at the Human Physiology Lab held an Open House for prospective students interested in the Exercise Science program.

High school juniors and seniors came to the lab located in the Center for Athletics and Wellness and got a taste of what the health and physical education fields were like. They toured the campus, listened to brief presentations and took a look at some of the equipment used in the lab.

Dr. Angela Hillman, assistant professor of the Health and Physical Education Department, said she enjoyed engaging with the prospective students and showing them how fun and rewarding the program is.

“I think the students enjoyed the hands-on atmosphere,” said Hillman. “Many students enjoy getting into the lab and applying the knowledge they’ve [been] learning in the classroom and this was no exception.”

Kathy Uhranowsky, the lab manager and clinical research coordinator, explained that the Exercise Science program is a good field of study, and gives the students the education needed to move on to a graduate level.

“I think [that] the way health care is going now, a lot of focus is being placed on preventative health care and wellness activities,”said Uhranowsky.

Dr. Hillman added that an Exercise Science degree gives students many opportunities to explore different health fields. She said students can go on to become physical therapists, personal trainers, and other sports/medical occupations.

“It’s such a broad degree, I tend to think in terms of what can’t be done with it, rather than what can be done,” explained Hillman.

The Human Physiology Lab is not exclusive to the health majors. It is open to students, staff, and any community member who would like to test their health.

Uhranowsky and her staff offer multiple services such as hands-on exercise testing, nutritional assessments, body fat testing, and cardiovascular stress testing.

For more information about the Exercise Science program, contact Hillman in the Health and Physical Education Department.

The department plans to host another Open House in the Spring Semester. To learn more about the Human Physiology Lab, visit or e-mail [email protected]

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