Winter weather causing damage to parking lots


Photo credit/ Katlynn Whitaker

Winter weather causes damage to the roads and parking lots on campus.

Rachel Looker, Asst. News Editor

With the frequent snowstorms and bad weather, many of Marywood’s parking lots appear to be deteriorating.

The holes, uneven pavement, and the appearance that the Nazareth Student Center’s parking lot is “sinking” may be caused from the bad winter weather and cold temperatures, according to Mark Burns, superintendent of Grounds.

“We do suffer damage from the elements,” said Burns. “There is a freeze and thaw cycle which really destroys blacktop. I am not sure if the parking lot is sinking or if the blacktop around it is rising. It could be both.”

The continuous winter weather is forcing the grounds and maintenance crews to wait until Spring to repair the parking lot.

“We plan on rebuilding that, hopefully over Spring Break. If the weather is good we can plan on rebuilding,” said Burns.

Mike Finegan, chief of Campus Safety, said he is aware of the depressions in parking lots due to winter weather but so far, he said, no complaints have been filed about parking conditions due to winter weather.

“I haven’t received any complaints about parking related to damage,” said Finegan. “Not from students, faculty, or staff. I assume people are handling it because they know the weather is how it is.”

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