VMFM 91.7 nominated for MTV Woodie Award


Photo credit/ Photo Courtesy of Ernie Mengoni

Students work different shifts in the Marywood University radio station, VMFM 91.7.

Rachel Looker, Asst. News Editor

MTV has nominated Marywood’s student-run radio station, 91.7 VMFM, for a 2015 College Radio Woodie Award.

Every year, MTV searches for the best college radio stations across the country. They select the top 10 college stations to be in the running for a Woodie Award. Marywood’s radio station is in the top 10.

Marywood is the smallest university of the 10 schools selected. Some of the other colleges selected include Boston University, University of Pittsburgh, and Hofstra University.

Zach Graham, senior digital media major and radio station manager for VMFM, is very excited Marywood has been nominated for this award. The nomination, he said, is encouraging to students who are involved with the station.

“The nomination shows that their dedication does not go unnoticed,” said Graham.

Student disc jockeys work hard to maintain the reputation of VMFM and keep listeners tuned into the station daily, according to Christian Paulmann, senior digital media and history major and music director for Marywood’s radio station.

“I am always blown away by the dedication of the DJs as well as the listeners that give us tons of support and positive feedback,” said Paulmann.

According to Paulmann, Marywood has been nominated multiple times over the years for the Woodie Award. The 2015 nomination helps sustain the station’s reputation.

If Marywood wins this award, Paulmann expects that an mtvU camera crew would visit campus to present the station with the award.

The Woodie Awards will premiere live on Friday, March 20 from Austin, Texas. VMFM leaders are encouraging listeners and members of the campus community to vote for VMFM through Facebook.

“If we win the award, this will be an amazing mark for the station,” said Paulmann.