NEWS BRIEF UPDATE: Council of Chairs reviews next steps after non-renewals


Patrick Kernan, Managing Editor

UPDATE (3/4): The Council of Chairs sent a letter to the Board of Trustees along with members of administration. In it, the Council makes two demands.

First, the Council demands that new leadership be immediately enstated for Marywood, comparing the university to a “ship without a rudder.”

Second, the Council demands that the non-renewal of the nine faculty members to be immediately reversed, so as to prevent students from transferring during spring break.


The Council of Chairs, a group of Marywood University department chairs, held a meeting today in response to the non-renewals of 10 Marywood first-year professors.

According to Sr. Mary Ann Zimmer, N.D., Ph.D, chair of both the Religious Studies Department and of the Council itself, the Council met to discuss how these non-renewals would affect the university, specifically looking at the “effect on students…and the effect on programs.”

At the meeting, members of the Council discussed how to respond to the non-renewals.

“We have some things that we want to say to administration, and so we’re writing them a resolution,” Sr. Mary Ann said. “And then we’ll see where it goes from there.”

According to Sr. Mary Ann, she would have a first draft of the letter completed by tonight, but she is unsure of when the Council would complete a final draft to send to administration.

As for the response expected from administration, Sr. Mary Ann reiterated, “I think we’ll just have to wait and see.”

The Council of Chairs resolved to send this letter before the announcement that Charles Gorden, director of the Theatre Program and one of the 10 professors affected, would be reinstated to his position.

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