First year faculty member reinstated as English professor leaves


Photo on the left of Esposito is courtesy of Marketing & Communications. Photo on the right of McMillan is credit to Steph Leone.

Anne Zukowski, Web Editor

There are going to be some changes in the English department next semester.

Dr. Laurie McMillan, associate professor of English, has accepted a job as Chair of the Department of English at Pace University in New York. Because of the new vacancy in the department, administration reinstated Dr. Lauren Esposito, assistant professor of English and one of the first-year faculty members who was told her contract would not be renewed for the upcoming school year.

McMillan said she is looking forward to her new role at Pace and is excited to develop a new major at the university.

“The department that I’m going to [at Pace University] is hoping to develop a writing major,” McMillan said. “That’s something we’ve done here [at Marywood University], so I’m hoping the experience I’ve had here will translate to that university.”

Helping students has been McMillan’s goal at Marywood, and reflecting on her 11 years at Marywood, she is happy to have helped so many students.

“At times I have helped students love to read and love to write,” McMillan said. “I’ve helped students realize how good they are at something and that makes me feel really happy,” she continued.

McMillan mentioned she was involved with the University’s vote of no confidence in President Sister Anne and Joe Garvey. She said working on the vote of no confidence was stressful, however, McMillan still loved her time while at Marywood.

“I’m leaving because even though I do love my colleagues and my students, I have had some difficulty with the decision making on the institutional level,” McMillan said. “I’m hoping that the stress I will experience on a different campus will be more of a typical type of stress- though there’s stress in every job situation.”

Many English courses scheduled for next semester including Composition, 20th Century American Literature and Feminist Theory still list McMillan as the professor. Dr. Erin Sadlack, associate professor and chair of the English Department, said these courses scheduled to be taught by McMillan will continue to be offered in the Fall semester.

According to Sadlack, it “was a partnership” between the English department and administration that facilitated Espisito’s reinstatement.

Esposito said she received a letter from Sister Anne Munley, president of Marywood, IHM, Ph.D., on March 30 stating that because McMillan had accepted a position elsewhere, Esposito would be offered a renewal.

“I received a letter…stating that given that Dr. McMillan is leaving…there’s an opportunity for my contract to be renewed,” said Esposito. “There’s also a need for someone with my writing background to be here with the writing major.”

Esposito said she’s happy to continue teaching at Marywood.

“If I was not to return, my plans would be to find a job elsewhere and try to keep teaching. I really do have a passion for teaching,” Esposito said. “I wouldn’t get to do as much at a bigger school, like interacting with other faculty or getting to know the students.”

Ellen Clauss, a senior marketing and philosophy major, said she was disappointed when she originally heard that Esposito wasn’t coming back.

“I think she is just a phenomenal teacher who really cares and has a great teaching method. I’m really glad she’s staying,” Clauss said.

Matthew Murphy, a sophomore English secondary special education major, shared that he has mixed emotions about both professors.

“I have a mixture of happiness and sadness because Dr. Esposito is a really great professor so that’s good to have her, but Dr. McMillan is my adviser,” Murphy said. “McMillan really, really helped me by helping me decide my education and future path.”

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