Members from administration attend SGA Meeting


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Sr. Mary spoke at the SGA meeting.

President of Marywood Sr. Mary Persico, IHM, Ed. D., and Vice President for Enrollment Services and Student Success Ann Boland-Chase addressed students at the bi-weekly Student Government Association (SGA) meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 13 for the first time under the new administration.

While addressing SGA members, Boland-Chase said she appreciates the efforts SGA members have made to make Marywood a better place.

“I’m really thrilled to see the great participation in student government this year,” said Boland-Chase.

According to Boland-Chase, she values SGA members’ opinions.

“This will be the beginning of a dialogue throughout the year,” said Boland-Chase.

Boland-Chase invited all students to attend the President’s inauguration, which will be held on Oct. 28.

Sr. Mary then addressed the SGA members saying that “this is the best part of the day.”

She told members that they are leaders on campus and can be distinguished from other students at Marywood.

“You’re the role models,” said Sr. Mary. “We want the best of our students to be like you.”

SGA President Maria Temples asked what students can do to help Sr. Mary in her new role as president.

“You can talk up Marywood to your friends when you go back home,” said Sr. Mary. “You can encourage students around you having a hard time.”

Sr. Mary added that she encourages students to “be positive, be upbeat, [and] help your fellow students who need your help.”

In an interview while the SGA meeting recessed, Sr. Mary commented on her first attendance at an SGA meeting.

Sr. Mary said she is impressed with SGA members’ seriousness and willingness to help other students.

During the meeting, SGA members discussed ways to increase enrollment and considered having Marywood representatives attend high schools to talk about the university.

Sr. Mary said she likes these ideas about enrollment.

She added that she was tired before coming to the meeting, but said, “I’m leaving with a lot of energy.”

Also in an interview while the SGA meeting recessed, Boland-Chase commented on the importance of members of administration hearing students’ concerns.

“We really want to hear the opinions and work together to make things as bright as they can be here,” said Boland-Chase.
During the meeting, Temples discussed university committee placements, in which SGA members are placed on a University Standing Committee.

Boland-Chase also commented on the addition of students to the University Standing Committees during the interview.

“There are several standing committees at Marywood University and this will enable the student voice to be heard for a variety of topics,” Boland-Chase said. “We have a host of committees from curriculum committees all the way through to a Calendar Committee.”

Boland-Chase explained that this is not the first time students have participated in the committees, but that their attendance is valued.

“I think that’s critical because sometimes when the person is missing, it really does make a difference,” Boland-Chase said.

According to Sr. Mary, both she and Boland-Chase will help students with anything they need.

“You can come to either of us,” said Sr. Mary.

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