Sr. Mary invites student leaders to barbecue


Photo credit/ Anne Zukowski

Student leaders and some administration eating dinner on Sr. Mary’s deck.

Anne Zukowski, Web Editor

Marywood’s new President Sr. Mary Persico, IHM, Ed. D. invited student leaders and their faculty advisers to her house for a barbecue on Tuesday, Sept. 28.

Sr. Mary hosted a barbecue for leaders from the Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Board, Multicultural Club, The Wood Word Editorial Board and Marywood Media Group.

Attendees sat on Sr. Mary’s deck to eat and socialize with her and others about the school year, activities and experiences at Marywood.

“Before the weather gets cold, I wanted some members to sit around and talk to me about what’s going on,” said Sr. Mary.

Sr. Mary said she wants to “be able to talk about anything” at Marywood to make the University a better place.

Nancy Maloney, associate director for International Affairs, said the open invitation to Sr. Mary’s house is what Marywood is all about.

“I think it’s great she opened up her house to administration and students,” said Maloney. “It’s showing an open attitude and willing to be better.”

SGA President Maria Temples said it was good that different leaders from campus organizations were invited.

“It’s absolutely amazing for staff and students and student leaders to be able to be invited to the President’s home,” said Temples.

International student and President of the Multicultural Club, Cen Jiao, wanted to know what changes Sr. Mary could do for international students coming to Marywood.

“I want to know what’s going to be changed to our lives, our studies, our environment here,” said Jiao.

Jiao said she wants to make sure Sr. Mary and the university help prospective international students have a sense of belonging at the university.

“Many of us international students feel it was very hard at Marywood to feel like a local or welcomed,” said Jiao.
Sr. Mary shared that in the future, others are welcome to visit her home.

“Respectively, my house is your house,” Sr. Mary continued.

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Sr. Mary talks to graduate student Bashir Mahmood.
Sr. Mary talks to graduate student Bashir Mahmood. Photo credit/Anne Zukowski