Doctoral program in Human Development celebrates 20 years


Courtesy of Marywood Marketing

Nicholas Tighe, Staff Writer

Marywood University’s doctoral program in Human Development recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

To celebrate the 20 years of the Human Development Ph.D. program at Marywood, current members as well as past and present directors united at a social held in Scranton at the Colonnade.

According to a press release from Marywood University, Sr. Gail Cabral, IHM, professor of psychology and counseling, founded the Ph.D. program. With the founding of this program, Marywood became the first regional institution to offer a doctoral program.

The program is now directed by Dr. Deborah Hokien, professor of chemistry and director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.

According to the Ph.D. program’s webpage, the program offers the same benefits today as it did when it was founded, including scholarships and internship opportunities.

Maureen Hart, secretary to the Human Development program, said, “I am continually impressed with our students and with the ever-growing list of doctoral graduates who are out there making such a difference in our area and far beyond.”

Reflecting on the social, Hokien said, “It was successful. People from over the twenty years came and networked with people who are currently in the program.”

Hokien said there are some changes in the works for the program. One of the most immediate changes, according to Hokien, is the addition of a new application deadline, which will help to “attract students to the program.”

The hope is the new deadline will give possible applicants an opportunity to apply in the spring.

Hokien said that the goal for the future is to “maintain the quality of the program, but also grow the program down the road.”

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