Chartwells representatives visit campus to improve dining services


Photo credit/ Kyle Clouse

A Chartwells’ representative sits with students to discuss concerns about dining services.

Rachael Eyler, Asst. Multimedia Editor

Chartwells representatives visited campus from Nov. 1 to Nov. 3 to discuss dining services concerns with students and faculty at an event called “Around the Table.”

Representatives handed surveys to students and faculty to receive feedback on what changes can be made to improve dining services.

Representatives set up tables at The Learning Commons Cafe, The Atrium, and Nazareth Dining Hall.

Nancy Barberi, director of dining services at Georgian Court University and one of the Chartwells representatives visiting campus, said the company is asking for feedback from the Marywood community.

“Chartwells likes to take an approach of being productive to see what the students, the faculty and the staff are looking for,” said Barberi.

Barberi said the goal of visiting Marywood is to find changes to better the dining services on campus.

“Sometimes, you would be surprised that there are easy fixes,” said Barberi. “We are just looking for a direction [the Marywood community] would like to see and what the needs are for the campus.”

Students who spoke with Chartwells representatives said they were open to hearing any concerns.

“They [Chartwells representatives] seemed willing to listen to what we have to say,” said Heather Carr, a senior art therapy major. “I’m hoping they take into consideration what we say.”

Senior English and Religious Studies major Rose Mrdjenovic said the representatives acknowledged her idea to change the Learning Commons Cafe to a coffee-only cafe in order to avoid long lines.

“She [the Chartwells representatives] said opening up a coffee shop would be a pretty easy thing to do,” said Mrdjenovic.

Rick Sun, a freshman retail management major, said he conveyed the problems he has had with Dining Services to Chartwells representatives.

“I’m going to Nazareth because the [Learning Commons Cafe] line is too long,” said Sun. “It is good because we can reflect on our issues.”

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