Buildings & Grounds installs chains to block walkways after inclement weather


Photo credit/ Jessica Bonacci

Yellow chains block the steps in front of the Learning Commons.

Jessica Bonacci, News Editor

Students walking to class may have noticed chains blocking the snowy pathways of the Memorial Garden. A similar set of yellow chains also blocks a set of stairs in front of Nazareth Hall and in front of the Learning Commons.

According to Myron Marcinek, assistant director of buildings and grounds, the chains are used during periods of heavy snow and ice to protect against slippery areas and rock salt.

“The Grounds Department is doing that [using chains] to isolate the slippery areas where the blue stone is [in the memorial gardens],” Marcinek explained.

Marcinek also said that the chains block the steps to make cleaning them easier and faster and reduce the tripping hazard.

Some students have ignored the chains, stepping over them and walking through the blocked off pathways.

Students Ashley Caldaro and Gabriella Romero shared their frustration over the chains.

“It’s just inconvenient,” said Ashley Caldaro, a junior art therapy major.

Gabriella Romero, also a junior art therapy major, shared a similar thought.

“I think they’re [the chains] frustrating,” Romero said.

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