Counseling and development minor now offered


Erin Yeager, Contributor

Marywood University’s psychology and counseling department is now offering a counseling and development undergraduate minor.

Students who wish to minor in counseling and development must complete 18 credits of related classes offered by the psychology and counseling department.

Along with the minor are two new classes that are being introduced for the Counseling and Development minor. These classes include Introduction to Counseling and Development and Helping Skills in Counseling and Development.

Dr. Janet L. Muse-Burke, associate professor of the psychology and counseling department and coordinator of the new minor, said that almost every major can benefit from having a counseling and development minor.

“[The minor] is pretty far reaching and I think many can benefit,” Muse-Burke said. “Counseling is dealing with sitting down and talking to somebody or a group of people. Pretty much every student majoring in anything can benefit from that.”

Muse-Burke explained the core areas of the counseling and development minor.

“The minor was developed to mirror or reflect the core areas of knowledge that are necessary to become a professional counselor,” Burke said. “The core values [of counseling] are very much about viewing people from a developmental perspective.”

Desirée McCabe, a junior pre-law major, said she thinks the minor is helpful for students on campus.

“[Counseling and development] gives students a chance to be more prepared to deal with both one-on-one time with people, as well as large groups,” McCabe said. “Everyone can benefit from having experienced social skills in any career.”

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