Amphitheatre construction nearly complete

Jessica Bonacci


Photo credit/ Jessica Bonacci

Brooke Williams, News Editor

The demolition of the Learning Resource Center, Marywood’s former library, is complete and construction of the Michael and Gwen Calabro Delfino ‘47 Amphitheatre is underway.

The library demolition and amphitheatre construction were originally supposed to be completed in two separate projects, but the university achieved “significant savings” of about $100,000 by combining them, according to Vice President of Business Affairs Tammy McHale.

She said the total cost of the demolition and construction project is $480,000. Director for Buildings and Grounds Wendy Yankelitis said the demolition stayed within the estimated budget of $300,000.

Marywood received around $285,000 in donations so far, as well as a $25,000 commitment that is in progress and not yet signed. Additional donations are still being taken, McHale said. The $200,000 gift from Michael J. Delfino still remains “contingent upon his death,” but she said he paid a portion in advance.

The remaining funds needed to complete the project will be taken from general cash reserves the university has on hand, which will be replenished with future fundraising. The funds will not be taken from Marywood’s operating budget, McHale said.

According to Yankelitis, the targeted completion time of the amphitheatre construction is the end of September, but since the wet weather pushed progress about one week behind schedule, the first week of October is more realistic.

She said the bluestone seating, sidewalk, patio and stormwater system have all been installed, and the electrical and underground work is complete. The crew is in the final stages of grading the amphitheatre, and afterwards they will seed it, she said.

People cannot walk on the seeded area until it germinates, which could take ten to 30 days depending on the temperature outside, she said.

Yankelitis said she looks forward to the amphitheatre construction being completed.

“I think it’s going to be an outstanding outdoor space that both the community and the Marywood community can begin to utilize in late fall and certainly in the spring, so I’m excited about that,” she said.

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