Administration exploring new option for South Campus sale


Photo credit/ Manfid Duran

Brooke Williams, News Editor

There may be a new plan in the works to sell South Campus.

The university is considering selling the buildings that make up South Campus in sections rather than as one piece of property, according to Wendy Yankelitis, director of buildings and grounds.

The Marywood administration purchased the South Campus property located on North Washington Avenue in 2011 for $500,000. Plans to renovate the buildings and use them for certain programs fell through, and the property has been on the market since 2015.

While nothing is official, Yankelitis said the idea is “definitely feasible.” Currently, the administration is considering what potential buyers are looking for, as well as ways to subdivide the buildings that would make them “more marketable,” she said.

Vice President of Business Affairs Tammy McHale said there have been some “low offers that weren’t acceptable” for South Campus and that people are continuing to express interest and look at the property.

“Sometimes we’ll get three [new people looking at the property] in a month and then nothing for a month,” McHale said.

The vacant property has also fallen victim to vandals. In the month of August, Campus Safety reported two acts of vandalism at South Campus, according to the Campus Safety Daily Crime Log.

The vandalism included graffiti on a stone wall, a broken door and broken windows. Yankelitis said that Buildings and Grounds only does basic repairs when damages occur at South Campus because making improvements to the property is not a priority. In the most recent case, Buildings and Grounds boarded up the broken windows instead of replacing them.

McHale said that since renovating older buildings could be an expensive and time-consuming process, they are making sure potential buyers do their “due diligence” before making an offer.

She also said she would like to see the property sold as soon as possible.

“Ideally, as soon as we get a viable, good offer, we would try to turn that around as quickly as possible,” McHale said.

Editor’s Note: The original version of this article stated there have been some “low offers that weren’t unacceptable” for South Campus. It has been corrected and now states that there have been some “low offers that weren’t acceptable” for South Campus.

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