Developer withdraws proposal for Dunmore section of Marywood South, but plans to resubmit


Photo credit: Manfid Duran

Brooke Williams

Urban Smart Growth’s plans for the Dunmore section of the Marywood South property are also on hold.

Urban Smart Growth CEO Lance Robbins confirmed the variance request to the Dunmore Zoning Board was withdrawn. Afterward, the Dunmore Zoning Board cancelled a hearing scheduled last Thursday for the company to present its plans.

The company previously withdrew its variance application for the only building on the property that is located in Scranton last month, citing unexpected opposition from people living in the surrounding neighborhood.

Urban Smart Growth has until the end of February to decide if it will follow through with the purchase of the Marywood South property. The company proposed transforming the nine buildings that make up the property into a restaurant, apartments and spaces open to the community.

At that time, Robbins said he wouldn’t be surprised if the plans for Dunmore were withdrawn as well.

“We decided that it was better to proceed with Scranton before Dunmore,” Robbins said after the Dunmore request was withdrawn. “We had to withdraw both to be consistent.”

Robbins said the company plans to submit new proposals to Scranton and Dunmore in December or January.

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