Joe Biden Way signals the road ahead

Emma Rushworth, Ellen Frantz, Erin Kane, Richard Andrus, Michael Basta

Emma Rushworth, Opinion Editor

A small crowd gathered in front of President-elect Joe Biden’s childhood home at the intersection of Fisk Street and North Washington Avenue for a street renaming ceremony Friday morning.

Mayor Paige Gerbhart-Cognetti spearheaded the official unveiling of Joe Biden Way, the newly minted sign for the road in front of 2446 N. Washington Ave.

Mayor Cognetti spoke of Joe Biden’s roots in Scranton and how the values he learned here carried him to the White House. She also thanked Marywood University for helping to organize the ceremony.

“Marywood is part of Joe Biden’s roots as well,” said Cognetti.

Biden was taught kindergarten by the IHM Sisters, who founded Marywood.

Other local officials, like Sen. Bob Casey, Jr. and former Scranton Mayor Jim Connors were also in attendance. Notable community figures in attendance included Marywood’s Director of Diversity Efforts Dr. Lia Palmiter, Lackawanna County Recorder of Deeds Evie McNulty and City Controller John Murray.

Casey gave a brief speech on Biden’s win, calling it “a victory for decency, leadership, and integrity at a time of crisis.”

Casey also spoke of how his colleague knows personally the pain Americans are feeling during this unprecedented time of the pandemic and a sluggish economy.

“[Biden] has a deep understanding of what it means to suffer, what it means to have loss in your life; the loss of several loved ones and the loss of economic opportunity,” said Casey.

Marywood President Sr. Mary Persico, IHM, Ed.D. was also in attendance and spoke before the unveiling. She spoke of the significance of Bidebn’s victory.

“This sign is symbolic of what Joe Biden Way might mean for our world; a way of peace, a way of truth, a way of unity, a way of beauty and life,” said Persico.

The sign was unveiled after a brief ceremony featuring the Marywood Band, who played “A Centennial Fanfare” and “Woodwind Whirl” under the direction of the Music, Theatre and Dance Department Co-Chair Dr. Fred David Romines.

Cognetti spoke of the importance of a Scranton native holding the highest office in the nation.

“It means that every single kid in Scranton can take to heart that they can be anything that they want to be and it’s our responsibility as elected officials at every level to ensure that we are fostering an environment for those kids to meet their dreams,” said Cognetti.

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