Heavily anticipated Pacer Place to open in near future


Photo credit/ Cheyenne Amick

Supply chain issues and contracting disputes caused delays in Pacer Place’s opening.

Pacer Place, the official name of the renovated Fireplace Lounge Cafe, is set to open April 19.

The original cafe in Nazareth Student Center (Nazareth) closed in 2017 due to the opening of the Study Grounds in the Learning Commons.

Marywood’s Building and Grounds were supposed to open a new “grab and go” style cafe before the spring semester began. Director of Building and Grounds Wendy Yankelitis spoke to the Wood Word in December regarding the construction of the cafe.

“The goal is to have it open for the start of the spring semester,” said Yankelitis. “It’ll give students something to look forward to when they come back.”

However, the white construction walls were still up as the cafe in Nazareth did not open at the beginning of the spring semester.

John Coval, executive director of Events and Auxiliary Services, explained that the delays were due to a combination of supply chain issues and contracting disputes.

“Like everything else in the world these days, the delay was caused due to Covid,” stated Coval.

He discussed how there was difficulty getting contracted and getting materials, which created a challenge with timing. Contracting issues became so bad at one point, they had to find a new company.

Despite the setbacks, an opening is on the horizon

The majority of the construction took place over spring break to prevent disruptions to students’ daily life. Pacer Place will be finished with construction on April 5.

Louis Mazza, the director of Dining Services, discussed what the cafe will be like when it does open its doors. “The menu will house things like fruit smoothies, ice cream shakes and cyclones. We will also be featuring in-house baked goods and treats,” said Mazza.

Mazza believes that the opening of the new cafe will provide more options for the students.

“The new location will give students the availability of refreshing beverages to sit and enjoy or take with them. I think students looking for an alternative to coffee beverages and a community space to sit and socialize will want to frequent the new location at Nazareth,” said Mazza.

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