It's Still Easy Being Green

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By Amanda Toth

Back again from last issue, here are more tips on how to live a greener life. The Wood Word hopes that these tips will be helpful to you and that you are able to use them in everyday life.

  1. Buy CFL light bulbs. Compact fluorescent light bulbs are initially more expensive than regular light bulbs, but since they last longer, you won’t have to keep spending money on new bulbs. Light from CFL bulbs is softer and more environmentally friendly than normal overhead fluorescent lighting.
  2. Think green, buy green. Buy recycled products, including paper. Some manufacturers now make environmentally friendly cleaning products as well. They make cost more, but the long-term benefits are well worth it.
  3. Refill those water bottles! How many water bottles do you use each week? What do you do with them when they’re empty? Chances are, you throw them out. Refill a bottle and keep it for several weeks before replacing it with a new one. Many stores sell attractive refillable water bottles as alternatives to plastic recyclable ones. This also works well for coffee—Ritazza sells reusable coffee mugs.
  4. Use binders instead of notebooks. Instead of buying spiral-bound notebooks, buy binders and fill them with the recycled paper you buy. If you want to keep your notes after the semester, take them out and staple them together. Or, keep your notes on your computer or on a flash drive.
  5. Use canvas, not plastic! Instead of taking plastic bags every time you go to Giant or Wal-Mart, try buying a canvass one that can be reused. Some retailers have begun to charge for plastic bags, so invest in a bag that will last a long time. Giant sells canvass bags for as low as 99 cents. Victoria’s Secret PINK line includes sturdy canvass bags that are also great for this purpose.
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