Landing a Job in 2009

By Marie Fitzsimmons
Outlook Editor

In just a few short months I will be graduating from Marywood University. Last year at this time I was looking forward to May 2009. I couldn’t wait to get out into the real world and start looking for a “real” career. Finding a job was my first priority.

Well thanks to the current state of the economy, this year is a completely different story. 2009 graduates will be thrown into one of the worst job environments in years!

Hiding out in college and waiting until the economy gets better sounds like a good plan at this moment! But unfortunately that’s not practical and 2009 graduates must face this horrible job climate.

We are no longer in a rush to graduate; we’re hesitant, scared and nervous. Finding a job is going to be so much harder and I’m not sure if we are all up for the challenge that lies ahead.

I know many of my fellow seniors and 2009 graduates from all over feel the same way. If so many people who have jobs are losing them how are we going to have any luck getting our foot in the door? Hiring freezes are leaving 2009 graduates in the cold with no place to go!

Why should we even bother looking for a job during this economy? We are not going to have any luck. That’s the kind of attitude some 2009 graduates have these days.

But its time to wake up and stop complaining and feeling sorry for ourselves. We are just wasting time and we need to get out there and start sending out our resumes to everyone and go on as many job interviews as possible. Some where out there a job is waiting for each and every one of us, it’s just going to be hard to find.

Although many of us will face a lot of rejection, in the end we will gain a lot of experience. This economic crisis will limit our opportunity to find our ideal jobs but for right now we must keep an open-mind. We should try to make the best out of what we have. We have to stay optimistic and not give up so easily.

Who knows how long it will take before the economy gets better, we can’t just sit around and wait.

Trying to get a job in the middle of a recession is very tough. 2009 graduates have plenty of competition as well. But there are many things you can do to help you in your job search.

It’s all about how you market yourself and who you know, so networking is a must! Internships are great learning experiences and look great on resumes. Small mistakes can have huge consequences especially these days so you need to make sure your resume is perfect and has no typos and is well written.

Taking advantage of Marywood’s Career Services before graduating would be a very smart move! They will help you with resumes and cover letters; get you ready for interviews and much more.

Good Luck with your job search!