Bring Back the Old Facebook!

After years of success, Facebook's creator, Mark Zuckerberg, opened the gates and invited everyone to join--including our parents! Photo Credit:

By Marie Fitzsimmons
Outlook Editor

Think back to a few years ago when life was good and college students had Facebook all to themselves. Those were the days!

No parents trying to stalk their children, or your boss and coworkers reading your status which read – “work stinks, can’t wait to get a new job!” We didn’t have to worry about getting fired because of our facebook status!

It was our own private world where we could share funny stories, gossip and post pictures to show our friends how much fun we were having at college and not worry about being judged for our actions.

Some people enrolled in college just so they could get a college email address so they could join facebook! That’s how exclusive it was!

But like everything in life, facebook changed and kept changing. It was no longer a gated college community. Eventually the facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg opened the gates and invited everyone in, including our parents! This was truly scary and disappointing.

First high school students were allowed to join, which wasn’t such a big deal. They were practically prospective college students anyway.

But the day facebook allowed anyone to join the social network, everything changed. Our secluded facebook became crowded and congested with random people.

Due to this major modification our facebook profiles are no longer off the record, we need to watch what we say and what we post.

We now need to be aware that the information we post on our facebooks can reach just about anybody, including mom and dad!

Gossip travels extremely fast on the internet so what we post on our facebooks have major consequences and within minutes the whole world can find out what we did on Saturday night. So now-a-days make sure you think before posting!

Lately there has been a rise in the number of people over 30 joining facebook. The older generations are finally realizing that they are missing out and want to be a part of the social network. So they too can reconnect and stay connected with friends.

But I personally think that facebook should have an age limit or atleast a separate site for people over the age of 40. This would help keep our parents from getting their hands on our personal information. Mark Zuckerberg needs to give the old facebook back to its rightful owners!