Gadget Guru: Discontinued HP Touchpads worth the gamble

Vincent Mecca
Co-Opinion Editor

If by chance you caught wind of the “firesale” happening on the HP Touchpad, you may have had the chance to pick one up for under a hundred dollars at local retailers and online retailers.

HP is now discontinuing their WebOS platform devices such as the Palm cell phones and other devices running WebOS like the HP Touchpad. Because of this, their tablet computers were reduced with starting prices dropping from $499 and $599 to $99 and $149,

For those who don’t know, WebOS is an operating system published by HP and used in mobile devices such as smart- phones and tablets. WebOS has tried to compete with Apple’s iOS-run iPad2 and Android’s tablet computers. But, sales appeared to be down, as just a short time after launch, the tablet was cut in price by a hundred dollars. Finally, HP decided to cancel the project altogether and liquidate the remaining inventory through amazing sale prices.

As a tablet computer, the HP touchpad functions well, although the device lacks in are few compared to the hundreds of thousands one is able to find on an iPad or Android device. And, although promises by HP were made to “continue support” on these discontinued devices, one can only speculate how soon it will be before they are overlooked by the manufacturer as they focus on their new revenue-generating products.

On the upside, the HP Touchpad’s multitasking capabilities are excellent, and the tablet itself is sleek, sturdy, and well worth the price—or the majorly discounted price, at least.

If you get the chance to pick up one of these tablets for the price tag of $99-$149, I highly suggest you do. According to HP’s website to order touchpads, they may be selling a limited quantity before they are gone for good.

The touchpad is great for browsing the Internet, and comes with flash installed, so you can watch YouTube videos to your heart’s content. It also supports email integration, so checking your e-mail becomes one press away.

Though product support may be less than up to par once they are gone for good from store shelves, this great piece of technology offered at such a low price is worth the gamble.