Letter to the Editor: Thank you to “God’s angels” for flood aid


Dear Editor:

My name is Alice Smith. I just want to say I have been working in West Pittston with the flood victims, but I am not one of the victims of the flood. I wanted to help and on one Saturday afternoon a few of your students were there to help the victims of the flood. These volunteers were very kind and understanding. I was in a home on Susquehanna Avenue in West Pittston and two of your students were helping a dear friend of mine who is 83 years old clear the damage from her residence. I did not know who the two men were but, they were there busting their butts and they had a smile on their face the entire time. That alone made a lot of us feel better. We asked the two men who they were and they told us they were from Marywood University. Joking with them I asked, “Are you coming back?” And they replied by saying that as long as we needed them, they’d be there.

Please tell these students ‘Thank you’ and let them know they are God’s angels. There needs to be a lot more people in this world like them. Thank you to all the students that have helped West Pittston. God bless you all!

Alice Smith