Students weigh in on the Nazareth Student Center Renovations


Vikki Hartt, Opinion Editor

Students were pleasantly surprised when they walked into the Nazareth Student Center for the first time this year to find their once unorganized, characterless student center transformed into a more sophisticated, accessible place for students to eat and relax.

Over the summer, crews were diligently working on remodeling the Nazareth Student Center, which included the areas of the Fireplace Lounge, cafeteria, offices, and the downstairs mailboxes. The most drastic change made was to the cafeteria, which was completely transformed with the addition of a whole new floor for seating, more booths, and better ambiance.

Brianne Triano, a junior athletic training major, said her favorite part of the renovations was the addition of the second floor seating. “The upstairs seating looks out into the mountains and the scenery is really pretty,” she said.

Hannah Dickinson, a sophomore nutrition major, was also impressed with the renovations. “I feel it’s more modern and has a more college appearance now,” said Dickinson. But, she would have liked to see more space to move around and throughout the cafeteria without bumping into other tables.

Cameron Dieck, a sophomore communication arts major, had a different view on the Nazareth Center renovations. “I like the way they did over the cafeteria, but I don’t think they needed to add a second floor for seating because it’s just empty space right now because no one uses it,” he said. He also said he would have liked to see other places on campus remodeled rather than just the cafeteria.

Overall, the renovations cost over $2 million to accommodate the growing appeal and admission to the University. No matter what your view on the renovations is, be sure to check out the new, remodeled center for yourself! Find us on Facebook and tell us what you think of the new renovations.