Our Opinion: Annual security report shows Marywood mostly safe school


Photo credit/ Photo credit / Patrick Kernan

A campus safety call box wrapped in plastic is unusable in the Nazareth Hall parking lot.

The Wood Word, Editorial Staff

On Sept. 16, Marywood University’s Annual Security Report was published online, detailing the safety features of every building and reporting the total number of infractions in 2013.
Looking through the report, it is easy to see that Marywood University is, for the most part, an incredibly safe campus. However, there are some parts of the report that could raise questions.
There were absolutely no reports of violent crimes such as murder, assault, or sexual offenses, whether in educational buildings or residential buildings in the year of 2013.
However, the number of thefts both on campus and in residence halls and the number of thefts from motor vehicles have risen slightly in the past year.
In addition to the crime reports, the Annual Security Report features information on safety features of the buildings on campus, including the systems in place for fire prevention.
One of the more troubling details in the report is that several buildings on campus totally lack any sort of sprinkler system in the event of a fire. These buildings are Woodlands Buildings 1, 3, and 5, Immaculata Hall, McCarty Hall, and Emmanuel Hall.
Although these buildings possess other fire prevention equipment, such as fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, the lack of a sprinkler system in several of Marywood’s buildings seems like an oversight.
It can only be hoped that, with the completion of such costly projects as the Learning Commons, more money can be diverted to Campus Safety projects, including full sprinkler systems in the remaining buildings on campus.
However, the overall lack of crime on campus is truly remarkable, considering the size of the student population. To both Campus Safety staff and university students: keep up the good work of keeping Marywood safe.
The full report can be found on Marywood University’s website.