Letter to the Editor: Statement from the Mission Integration Committee


Dear Editor,
During this Christmas season, Christians around the world celebrate the revelation of God-with-us in the human person of Jesus. This mystery of the Incarnation is the foundation of our Marywood core value of “respect” that Marywood President Sister Mary Persico, IHM, Ed. D, has invited us to take to the deeper level of reverence.

Regardless of the many qualities that distinguish us as individuals, we believe that each person is an image of God’s presence with us. Events of the past semester and year have presented significant challenges to our world, our country and our Marywood community.

As we step back from daily routines, the Mission Integration Committee offers the following statement for personal reflection:
Catholic Identity calls us to love and respect our neighbor as ourselves. Consistent with this fundamental principle, Marywood’s core values call us to honor the uniqueness and dignity of each member of our community. In so doing, we acknowledge the respect we share for each other and the diverse ideas and opinions we hold. In light of the difficulties we have faced together over the recent past and may face in the future, the Mission Integration Committee reminds us of our call to listen to our diverse voices with an honest desire to include multiple opinions and perspectives in the solutions we seek for challenges that we will overcome.

During this season and in the year to come, we invite all members of the Marywood community to reflect on how we implement the spirit of our mission and core values in daily life and how each of us might live more fully in the light of God’s unconditional love for all.

The Mission Integration Committee:
Ms. Patricia Baldan
Atty. James Biagi
Ms. Ann Boland-Chase
Mr. Joseph Donohue
Dr. Patricia Dunleavy
Dr. Christine Fryer
Mr. Stephen Garrison
Sr. Catherine Luxner, IHM
Ms. Hong Miao
Dr. Michael Mirabito
Mr. Todd Pousley
Ms. Rebecca Skakal