Students Deeply Rooted in College Football

By Christian Wagner
Staff Writer

Despite the fact that Marywood does not have a football team, it does not deter many students from finding a love for other teams around the nation.

Many students have made a spot in their heart for Penn State, one of the best programs in Division I year in and year out.

Shane Ostroski, a communication arts major from Pittston, PA, had no exposure to any other college besides Penn State when growing.

“I am a Penn State because growing up both of my parents were Penn St. fans. There was no other option in the house,” said Ostroski.

Ostroski’s room is filled with Nittany Lions (The nickname for Penn State) gear. He has a Penn State gym bag and a small rug, plus he plans on bringing up a “fathead” soon. A “fathead” is a life size poster that can be placed on a wall and uses an adhesive that doesn’t damage the wall if it is removed. Ostroski also has a jersey signed by several players and a football signed by head coach Joe Paterno.

“I am a diehard fan. I watch every game from start to finish. I schedule things around the games. On Facebook, I have the number one ranking on Penn State trivia,” bragged Ostroski.

Others, like Stefano Curto, an accounting major from Southern Lehigh, PA, and Michael Paterno, an undeclared major from Montclair, NJ, have personal connections to the institution.

“My whole family is alumnus from Penn State. I have been to numerous games; I was just at the Michigan v. Penn State game. My uncle is very good friends with Joe Paterno and I met him once,” said Curto.

“My sister goes there and I have been a fan since I was a little boy,” said Paterno.

Both make time to watch every Penn State game that is on TV.

“I don’t watch many other games besides the ones that are on ABC on Saturday nights,” said Curto. He also said that his parents know John Cappelletti, a Heisman Trophy winner, which is delegated every year to the nation’s top college football player.

Still, all three agree that having a football team to call their own would be something special.

“It seems like it would be a good time to have a team, something to do on a Saturday. We would have more school spirit if we had a football team,” said Ostroski. Paterno added that football is fun to watch no matter what level of play.

“Being at a Division III college with no football team takes a lot out of the school spirit,” said Curto.