10 Questions: Gaetan DeSimone

By Christian Wagner
Sports Editor

Who: Gaetan DeSimone

Year: Freshman

Major: Communication Arts

Sport: Lacrosse

Gaetan DeSimone. Photo Credit: mupacers.com

Most Memorable Lacrosse Moment:

My junior year of high school, I scored from GLE (goal line extended). If you don’t understand lacrosse, I scored from about 80 yards out!

Celebrity Crush:

I have a girlfriend. She is my celebrity.

Favorite TV show:

Can it be a cartoon? If so, Ren and Stimpy. If not, then Scrubs.

Favorite Color:



Lacrosse, movies, rock climbing, BMX, skiing, and drawing

Favorite Fast Food:


Favorite Teacher at Marywood:

Ernie Mengoni

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:


Favorite Band:

Taking Back Sunday

Favorite Movie:

Fight Club