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By Shane Ostroski
Sports Editor

Mark Herzlich, a linebacker at Boston College seemed to have everything going for him. Herzlich who was a three year starter, had been named a First Team All-American, coming out of his junior year. His performance on the field had NFL scouts hoping he would forgo his senior season and enlist in the 2009 NFL Draft. Herzlich knew that choosing between remaining a collegiate athlete or furthering his football career as an NFL player would be difficult. Little did he know the hardest thing he would have to face was yet to come.

After much consideration, Herzlich decided to remain at Boston College for his senior year, which would turn out to be a great decision. In the spring, Herzlich began to feel pain in his leg which he attributed to the ware and tear of practice. The consistent pain over time led to testing, which revealed that Herzlich had a malignant tumor. This tumor turned out to be Ewing’s sarcoma, a form of cancer.

Ewing sarcoma is common in males and usually forms during childhood or early adulthood, with a peak between 10 and 20 years of age. It can occur anywhere in the body, but most commonly in the pelvis and long tubular bones. The main section of the femur is the most common site. It is also found in bones such as the tibia and the humerous.

Herzlich struggled while going through with the chemotherapy. But he was determined to put forth all his energy into beating the disease that took him away from the game he loved.

On October 3 in a live ESPN interview, Herzlich announced that with only five weeks and three chemo sessions left in his treatment, he was informed by his doctor that he is now cancer free.

Herzlich, with his new view on life, has now garnered  a fuller appreciation for the world outside football.

Mark Herzlich‘s heart never left the game through all the stress he underwent. Standing by his teammates through games and practices, Herzlich has become the inspiration that fueled the fire to his team’s success.  Although he had a huge impact on his team, his fight put him into the hearts of college football fans across the nation.

No matter how Herzlich performs on or off the football field in the future, he will always be considered a winner.

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