Commuter basketball team begins first season


Photo credit/ Photo by Alex Weidner

The commuter basketball team is entering their inaugural season. The team gathers around to discuss upcoming practice schedule.

Katie Hart , Asst. Sports Editor

Marywood’s Commuter Committee recently kicked off its first Commuter Basketball season with a 3-on-3 tournament at the Center for Athletics and Wellness.

The Committee put the team together at the beginning of the school year to engage commuters who enjoy playing basketball for fun.

At the first practice, the team decided that they wanted to have weekly practices and have a day of pick-up games that anyone could join.

Daniel Piette, a junior aviation management major, who organizes the team practices said, “We just wanted to start a basketball team just to get commuters back on campus and to have fun.”

The team splits up into groups that play each other in these tournaments. They try to get together as many people as possible to get more games played. Both men and women are included.

At the tournaments, they play several games with a lot of energy, excitement, and fun, according to Piette.

Dylan Svetovich, a freshman health services administration major, said he enjoys playing on the committee’s team.

“I played basketball in high school and I wanted to continue with it, so I thought I’d give it a shot,” said Svetovich.

Even though it is called the Commuter Basketball Team, it is open to students who live on campus as well.

Piette said the participation is great and would like to make it a yearly thing.

“I’d like to keep it going through the rest of this semester, spring semester, and hopefully next year,” said Piette.

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